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Climate Change Conference: The world’s best scientists reveal the truth

Yesterday, The Heartland Institute held its 15th International Conference on Climate Change(“ICCC15”) to bring together the world’s best experts to analyse the latest climate science and the wrong-headed energy and policy solutions the world’s governments are determined to impose on us all.

From the green energy boondoggles in the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” in the United States to the ongoing wind-power disaster in Germany and threats of energy cuts in the winter in the UK, the climate policy “solutions” are a real and growing problem for the people of the world. Why are we making life poorer and more miserable for most of the people on the planet when there is no climate crisis?

ICCC15 aims to reveal the truth and inspire viewers to spread that truth around the globe.

There are four panels or sessions during the one-day conference held in Florida, USA, on 24 February 2023.

During the first session titled ‘Taking the Temperature of Global Temperatures’, Anthony Watts discusses how the US temperature data has been hopelessly corrupted; Willie Soon, PhD, speaks about the effect of the sun on global temperatures, and how that is not taken well enough into account; and Joe Bastardi speaks about the effect of the oceans on global temperatures.

Dr. Willie Soon is a co-team leader of CERES-Science.  His presentation, ‘Global warming: Mostly human-caused or mostly natural?’, summarises some of the key findings of two of CERES’ recent scientific papers:

  1. Evaluation of the Homogenisation Adjustments Applied to European Temperature Records in the Global Historical Climatology Network Dataset
  2. How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate.  Supplementary materials for this study can be found HERE.

The slides for his presentation can be downloaded from the CERES-Science website HERE.

During the second session titled ‘Understanding What’s Really Happening to the Climate’, Judith Curry, PhD, gives a presentation titled ‘Climate Uncertainty and Risk’; Ross McKitrick, PhD, gives a presentation titled ‘Updated Climate Sensitivity and the Social Cost of Carbon’; Richard Lindzen, PhD, gives a presentation titled ‘Actual Climate vs. Policy’.

During the third session titled ‘Is Climate Science Scientific?’,  the flaws in climate models are examined. Tom Sheahen explains the need to apply the Scientific Method to modelling. Howard Hayden points out the glaring numerical inconsistency between AR-6 climate models and physical reality. Ken Haapala discusses the impact of IPCC’s continuing errors.

During the fourth session titled ‘Green Agenda’s Impact on People’, Donna Jackson speaks about how “environmental justice” for communities of colour is a scam; Bob Carlstrom speaks about the impact higher “green energy” costs have on the poor and the elderly; Margaret Byfield speaks about the Biden administration’s “30×30” agenda and its impact on land owners.

The live feed is no longer available but you can watch the full day’s presentations and discussions by following this LINK.

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