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Sceptics Gather in Orlando to Judge Whether Climate Policy is the True Crisis Rather Than Climate Change

Welcome to Orlando, Florida, for the annual gathering of climate science sceptics. You will not hear much about the event in the mainstream press of course since taking a sceptical view of ‘settled’ climate science is akin in such quarters to denying the Holocaust. But the expertise gathered represents many hundreds of years investigating all aspect of the climate and the atmosphere. Not only will the science be placed under the microscope (where it properly belongs), but the disastrous political plunge into a Net Zero catastrophe will be a major topic of conversation. The title of the two-day event asks: “The True Crisis: Climate Change or Climate Policy?”

The conference is organised by the U.S. think tank, the Heartland Institute, which states that it takes a “data-driven realistic approach to climate science”. It argues that the scientific method must be restored and the alarmist narrative broken. It asks: “Why are we making life poorer and more miserable for most people on the planet when there is no climate crisis?”

The Daily Sceptic is covering the event and I shall be sending back news reports. Among the important U.S. politicians attending are Republican Ron Johnson, a member of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, and Rep. Lauren Boebert, a member of the House Resources Committee. Worth catching will be former Trump Administration appointee Steve Milloy. He is a man who pulls few punches and is the founder of Junk Science, an online publication that is said to defuse “faulty scientific data used to advance special and often hidden agendas”. He will give a presentation titled, “Net Zero is Unachievable and Will Kill People”.

Marc Morano is a well known speaker and broadcaster and founded the Climate Depot site. He recently wrote a book titled: The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown. He is expected to expand on his work which is described as “the antidote to the Left’s sinister push to use a worldwide crisis to infuse our lives with the values of colossal statism and dystopian self-hatred, all accelerated by the duplicitous manipulation of the recent pandemic”.

Energy realism is set to take centre stage in a session titled, “What it Takes to Power Our Modern Society”. Speakers included Ronald Stein, who recently wrote a book titled Clean Energy Exploitations: Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy, and Alex Epstein, author of the NYT best-selling book on the moral case for fossil fuels. Epstein’s presentation is titled, “Global Human Flourishing Requires Much More Energy”.

Always a box office draw is Dr. Patrick Moore, one of the founders of Greenpeace, who is due to speak in a session titled, “Killing Agriculture to Save the Planet”. Moore helped run Greenpeace for 15 years when it argued against the testing and proliferation of nuclear weapons, but left when it turned its attention to green political agitation. “Net Zero is Killing Whales and Betraying the Purpose of Greenpeace,” is his chosen subject.

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