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Hospitals Are Deliberately Blocking their own beds

The constant refrain from hospital staff is that they cannot take new patients into their hospitals because there are no beds available.

Well, this is, of course, partly a result of the fact that successive governments have steadily reduced the number of beds in our hospitals. The UK now has fewer beds per thousand of population than just about anywhere on earth, and there are fewer beds than there are administrators, but there is now no doubt that NHS staff are deliberately making things far worse than they need be.

Here’s how staff are sabotaging their own hospitals.

In the old days (a couple of years ago) patients who had finished their treatment would collect their belongings together, share out magazines and half-finished boxes of chocolates among the patients who were remaining, thank and kiss the nurses and wait for an ambulance, taxi or friend to drive them home.

Things are no longer this simple.

Today, the staff won’t allow a patient to go home until a full care package has been arranged. And, of course, there aren’t any carers. Most carers resigned and went to work for Tesco when vaccine happy idiots working for the Government insisted that they all be jabbed with the covid-19 poison – since they’d seen the effects of the stuff they would have preferred to have been jabbed with napalm so they said no thank you.

In some areas it takes just a year to set up the now necessary care package for discharged patients. In other areas it takes a long time.

So woke health and safety protocols mean that the patient can’t be released.

And hospital beds are unavailable to other patients – they are blocked.

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