Posted by Ickonic Writers Posted on 24 February 2023

Dot Connector preview: Script goes on playing out what David Icke has warned for decades

On The Dot Connector this week…

David Icke says, “The script goes on playing out what I was warning about for decades, to bring China and Russia into an open global conflict with the West. Is this just stupidity playing out? No no, it’s a cold calculation and has been planned for a very long time, then we have a human catastrophe in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, after the cyclone and the ongoing nightmare for residents of East Palestine in the United States after the train crash and the chemical spill, but no-one in authority really seems to care. But why would they? They have a war to fight and people to kill, so you – in the face of disaster – just have to get on with it. And then we have the anti-fascists, who oppose fascism, while being the foot soldiers for its imposition.”

Also featured on this week’s show…


Russian President raises the stakes as he reveals he is pulling out of nuclear arms treaty and accuses the West of starting Ukraine war in bid to achieve ‘limitless power’.

David says: “But not limitless power for the West, limitless power for the global cult to impose its global centralised dystopia. What’s going on? What I’ve been pointing out for decades, a plan to transform global power from the West to the East on the road to a global dystopia. The thing to get across is that this global cult has no borders, they’re just for the rest of us to think we have countries that are defined by borders to the cult the world is one unit.”

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