Posted by Ickonic Writers Posted on 22 February 2023

Was the Palestine Ohio derailment a depopulation agenda?

The dishonest media and corrupt politicians are outright lying to U.S. citizens yet again.

It’s been nearly three weeks since the catastrophe, and none of our leaders is asking what the long-term ramifications of this toxic disaster will be.

Vinyl Chloride, the chemical released, combines hydrogen, chlorine, and carbon, but when combined with fire, it becomes incredibly hazardous. Oxygen enters and forms a new type of molecule that can disrupt every facet of the human body. It’s known as a persistent, bio-accumulative toxin, and when it falls into the grass and is consumed by animals, it goes into the dairy, meat, and egg supply. Every surface that the pollutant touched could potentially take decades to break down. Other train cars were also full of wheat and metal, further exasperating the disaster.

Consumption of this dioxin is beyond lethal, but even more alarming is that people with enough exposure without even consuming the food could face infertility, cancer, damage to the immune system, and spontaneous abortions for generations to come. The media has called it a “controlled burn,” but the only thing that sounds controlled here is an act of premeditated ecological terrorism on Ohioans and nearby Pennsylvanians.

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