Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 22 February 2023

‘There are billions of us and a handful of them. This could be over in 10 minutes’

On The Jaymie Icke Show this week we tackle two issues which are very high on the list of topics we should be talking about.

Digital IDs and 15-minute cities, both of which tie into the same agenda of fear, control and obedience – forming a dystopian future none of us want to be part of.

Save Our Rights founder Louise Creffield joins Jaymie to talk about the push for Digital ID, what that really means and how the government have made the policy on this deliberately vague and confusing. Louise came to the spotlight when she founded the organization Save Our Rights in 2020 and was a major force in the UK’s incredible resistance movement against lockdowns, vaccine mandates and other draconian measures. When it comes to the curtailment of your freedom, she certainly knows what she’s talking about.

Louise says: “I believe if you don’t consent, you’ll have restrictions regarding getting benefits, child benefits, pensions. It’s going to be necessary to access any government services. So everyone will be ‘forced’ into doing it. You’ll consent…because you have to.”

As Jaymie says: “The push for a more digital world, where every single thing we do is monitored, recorded and tracked is something that should be a line in the sand for us all. We would be handing over the keys to our freedom to those who we know from history never respected our rights in the first place. They’ve fought for years to take them away, and reduce them at every opportunity, now we’re at the point where many will happily give them up for free if it means the door opening automatically.”

And people are all too happy to give up their freedoms in the name of convenience. Look at how we’re being sold the 15-minute cities plan. Everything you need will be on your doorstep. Oh, how lucky we are! Or not.

Last weekend Ickonic reporter Lewis Brackpool went with Jaymie to the Oxford protest where around 2000 people attended to show opposition for the council’s introduction of 15-minute cities. They recorded a film to showcase the protest and get the voices of those opposing this heard. You can see that clip – featuring Reclaim Party founder Laurence Fox, Heritage Party Founder David Kurten and BBC2’s ‘Unvaccinated’ star Nazarin Veronica – HERE.

It really is time to take action. If we allow the Digital ID and microchip agenda to come to fruition then it could spell the end of humanity as we know it. The human side of us will become smaller and smaller, to the point that we will basically become robots, cyborgs under the control of some evil force.

Jaymie concludes: “It sounds like a Star Trek episode, but it’s a lot closer to reality than you think, and if you’re naive enough to think I’m talking madness then the next few years are going to be spicy for you.

“Ignorance won’t protect you anymore I’m afraid. In the same way that compliance will never get you out of tyranny, ignorance doesn’t stop something from happening. We need to be adults here, grow up, accept the problem, and deal with it head on. There are billions of us and a handful of them. When we truly unite and stand together, this could be over in 10 minutes, if not less.

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