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Scottish Schools (see everywhere) Have Become Places of Indoctrination

Stuart Waiton has written a troubling piece in the Spectator about woke indoctrination in Scottish schools. Here’s an excerpt:

Nicola Sturgeon may be on her way out – but after 16 years of SNP rule, Scottish schools are still places of indoctrination. This may sound like a hyperbolic thing to say, but that’s the only conclusion you can draw when you look at what Scottish educators and the Scottish Government are saying themselves.

Take the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Standard for Headship, which sets out the professional framework for what a headteacher, teachers and schools should be all about.

You would expect such a document to be all about imparting knowledge and aspiring to teach every child as much as possible. Instead, it is a horrifying mix of therapeutic new-speak that stresses the need for teachers and headteachers to focus on the matter of social justice.

In the 16-page Standard for Headship report ‘social justice’ is mentioned seven times. We are informed, for example, that the very culture of Scotland is “based on social justice”, that we now have “professional values of social justice”, and that social justice is about a commitment to “sustainable policies and practices in relation to protected characteristics…. and intersectionality”.

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