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Vernon Coleman: Passing Observations

• Goldman Sachs, the bastard corporate offspring of a monstrous liaison between Shylock and Fagin, has for years enjoyed a love affair with senseless greed. Last year the bank’s profits halved to $11 billion and yet they paid out $15 billion in salaries and bonuses. It’s important to remember that Goldman Sachs was bailed out by American taxpayers during the 2008 banking crisis.

• Just 7% of the British population go to public schools and yet 66% of senior judges went to public school. Over half of diplomats and senior journalists went to public school. Two thirds of the current cabinet went to public school. (In the UK, public schools are the fee paying schools where parents have to pay around £40,000 a year per pupil.)

• The NHS in the UK has far too much money and far too many staff members. The problem is that the money is wasted and the staff are employed to do the wrong things. I used to think the NHS would be healthier if half the administrators were sacked. Now I know that the NHS would be healthier if 90% of the administrators (including senior nurses) were fired and sent away to do something useful for a living. (There is, I am told, a dearth of lavatory cleaners in the UK. Surely, with adequate training, all those administrators and senior nurses could manage that sort of work?)

• Never forget that the European Union was founded by redundant Nazis at the end of World War II. Read my book The Shocking History of the EU if you want to know the truth about how the EU was founded. Once you’ve read it you’ll never support the EU again!

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