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Mum left panicking with £27,000 energy bill after smart meter error

A woman has been left shocked after being charged £27,000 bill from Bulb energy. Paula Coplin, who lives in New Parks, Leicester, started panicking when her smart meter mistakenly said she had used enough energy to power a large business for a year.

The mum-of-two had tried to claim the £1,000 in credit that she had amassed to spend on other bills when she was told she could not get her money back. Paula, 42, was told she would be unable to retrieve the money because she had been billed £27,404.81 and still owed the majority of the amount.

Paula immediately contacted Bulb’s help centre via an online chat to try and find out why she had received such a large bill. She told Leicester Live: “I was trying to claim back my £1,000 in credit I had with the company – getting in touch via calling and using online chat to try and get an answer.

“They told me they couldn’t for two reasons – one was the fact that they had estimated my gas meter since the pandemic because it had broken, and the second reason was that I owed them more than £26,000. This was the first I’d heard of it as it wasn’t loading up on my end, so the customer service staff sent me a copy of the bill to my email for me to look over, and I was stunned to see they had suggested I had used £27,000 in energy since my last bill.

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