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After School Satan Club Provokes Parent Outrage

A Virginia school board is considering revising its policies on after-school clubs following conflict over a new “After School Satan Club.”

The Chesapeake Public School Board previously allowed the Satan club to meet on school property, stipulating it pay over $600 for security for each meeting, something the district’s policy allows, local media reports.

The likelihood of demonstrations is part of what makes securing the event so expensive, as Satan clubs are frequently protested. Last January, an Ohio superintendent was even reprimanded by the attorney general for discouraging parents from protesting the Satan club.

However, Chesapeake’s school board put a temporary hold on any non-sanctioned school clubs as it considers revisions to its policy. Among the proposed changes:

  • Security costs must be paid by an organization in advance.
  • The school district determines the number of officers needed for security.
  • Promotional materials cannot include the school or facility name without permission from the Office of Student Activities and Facility Use.

At Monday’s board meeting, which included a discussion of the proposed revisions, community members didn’t shy away from expressing their views.

“If this club meets, I plan on removing my daughter from school and finding a private alternative,” declared Steve Scheerbaum, a local parent.

Another said limiting the club’s access to public property would be unconstitutional.

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