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Norwegian Shipping Company bans electric vehicles on its vessels

Norway’s Havila Krystruten is one of two shipping companies that sails between the coastal cities of Bergen and Kierkenes and in January said that it will no longer carry electric or electrified vehicles on its ships. Havila Krystruten cited fire safety as the main reason for its decision. The company says that its ships are not equipped to fight a lithium-ion battery fire at sea.

“This is a pure safety assessment, and the conclusion of the risk analysis shows that a possible fire in fossil vehicles will be able to be handled by the systems and the crew we have on board,” said Bent Martini, the company’s managing director, as translated by Google. “A possible fire in electric, hybrid or hydrogen cars will require external rescue efforts and could put people on board and the ships at risk.”

“We will never compromise the safety of passengers and crew. When we get such a clear conclusion on the risk assessment, the decision is very simple,” CEO Arild Myrvoll said.

The problem is particularly noteworthy in Norway, which is one of the world’s largest consumers of electric vehicles. More than 80 per cent of all vehicles sold in the country in 2022 were fully electric, making this decision a likely nuisance for passengers.

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