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The more covid injection doses the higher the risk of hospitalisation and death

Data from New South Wales, Australia, shows a clear correlation between the number of doses a person is injected with, and a higher incidence of hospitalisation and death.  You can explore the data for New South Wales for yourself HERE.

As Dr. Paul Alexander noted, “wherever there have been elevated covid vaccine rates, there are elevated excess infections and deaths. Period! The data is stable.”  He went on:

Globally, especially in US and Canada and the UK and Australia and New Zealand etc., our governments have engaged in the most widespread and devastating cover-up, one that has left us vulnerable and where many of us will die from these shots. They harmed us by censoring us and we were unable to get the message out to more people. We went and mandated our precious police and military and border agents and key people in society, our judges and nurses etc. And I confess, I admit that many will die in time. I am so saddened by this and we are trying to at the least inform the public to not touch this deadly injection. No more!

Devastating Australian NSW data showing the quadrupled COVID mRNA vaccinated (4 shots) have massive spikes in hospitalization & death! Dr. Paul Alexander, 12 February 2023

Independently, Joel Smalley has noted the same in the UK. In a short study, Smalley aggregated excess death in each of the 300+ lower-tier local authorities – LTLA administrative areas of England.  Smalley found there are four distinct periods or waves of excess death in England.

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