Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 13 February 2023

Jacinda’s gone but the conspiracy of silence goes on

The writer is in New Zealand.

EARLY on in the pandemic, our government appeared to decide to ignore the safety recommendations of Pfizer itself. Pfizer was advising that vaccine exemptions be granted to anyone with injuries subsequent to inoculation or with a health history of allergic reactions or adverse responses to other vaccines. Our government began by refusing almost all applications for vaccine exemption from people in these categories.

Simultaneously the government publicly maintained that mRNA vaccines were entirely ‘safe and effective’. GPs who told patients of risks and advised caution put themselves at risk of public censure and expulsion from the medical profession. Some were struck off.

Our Ministry of Health delayed warning District Health Boards of the risk of myocarditis until mid-December 2021 (nine months after the start of the vaccine rollout in late February 2021 and at least six months after they were first made aware of the problem). This MoH warning incorrectly described vaccine-induced myocarditis as rare and generally mild.

As a result, there was an obvious incentive right from the start of the vaccine rollout for GPs and medical staff at hospitals to ignore alarming cardiac symptoms and fail to order necessary investigative tests. Instead they blamed ‘anxiety’ and sent patients home with ibuprofen.

As of November 2022, there have been 13,000 cases of chest pain and 7,500 cases of shortness of breath (both known symptoms of myocarditis) reported to CARM, the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring. Reporting is voluntary and Medsafe (the NZ counterpart of the UK’s MHRA) itself estimates that only 5 per cent of reactions are reported. Medsafe has still not acknowledged a connection between these reported reactions and mRNA Covid vaccination (except in a very small number of cases of myocarditis).

The reports include 184 deaths. As of November 2022 only two of these deaths have been acknowledged as connected to myocarditis due to vaccination. The rest have been vaguely labelled as ‘unlikely’ to be connected to vaccination.

Up to December 2022, the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) has received 3,326 claims for vaccine injury. Forty per cent (1,349) of these have been accepted and 60 per cent rejected. Only 152 of the accepted claims are for cardiac injury, among the rest approximately 450 (a third) appear to be due to accidental injury as a result of errors in administering the vaccine.

Up to this point, the MoH has admitted injury rates of three in every 100,000 vaccine recipients. These extremely low figures are in stark contrast to those reported in a preprint paper published two weeks ago in the Lancet by the NZ Ministry of Health. This found statistically significant rates of myocarditis and acute kidney injury (AKI) due to mRNA vaccination. There were 1,778 extra kidney injuries involving hospitalisation and 229 extra cases of myo/pericarditis involving hospitalisation within 21 days of receiving a shot. That is a startling injury rate of approximately one in every 2,000 vaccine recipients.  Accordingly, the study points to a rate of injury 16 times higher than previously acknowledged, but that covers only injuries involving hospitalisations within 21 days of the jab. Injuries emerging over a longer term remain uninvestigated by the MoH.

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