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Top 8 Best Electric Cars of 2023

Recently, you can see more and more electric cars in major cities all over the globe. Motorists make a choice in favor of cars that run on electricity, not only because of the constantly rising fuel prices but also due to the eco-friendliness of the e-cars. 


Electric cars continue to steadily increase their share of the car market. In 2022, global sales of electric vehicles increased by 68% to 7.8 million units. And the total share of electric cars in total annual car sales is close to 10%


The main drivers of this growth were the populations of Europe and China. In Europe, the share of electric cars in total sales was 11%; in China, it was as much as 19%. Electric cars, as well as plug-in hybrids, accounted for a total of 20.3% of vehicle sales in the European market in 2022.


All the leading car brands try to create their version of electrical these days, and because of such a wide range of electric models, it is quite difficult to make a choice. After all, it is not possible to fully identify the features of an individual model in a short period.


When buying an electric car, it is important to pay attention not only to the technical characteristics (the capacity of the battery and the charging speed) and price of the model, but also to the location of the nearest charging station (if you are not able to get it at home), and the dealer you are going to buy it from. 


Top 8 Electric Cars 


Making up this rating, we have paid attention to the most obvious and important characteristics, such as power, charging speed, design, and price. Taking all of these factors into consideration, we’ve made up a list of the top 8 electric models, which we think are the best representatives of the industry in 2023. Our list includes owners of completely different car logos: both high-end brands, and budget ones, but with excellent technical characteristics. 


Ford Mustang Much-E. It is an innovative model, the main feature of which is that it does not even need a key. The handling of this car is unusual because being behind the wheel of this car you feel like driving a sports car.  Behind the steering wheel is an autonomous base camera system that follows the driver. Much-E boasts a 286-horsepower engine and the highest speed of 180 km / h. The charge of the battery will last  585 minutes.


Tesla Model X. If you want to become the owner of the car of the future, you should definitely look at this incredible and stylish model from Tesla. Model X comes in two variants: Long Range and Perfomance, and they both have a battery capacity of 100 kWh. The lucky owners of Model X advise having a charger at home.


BMW iX3. The body style of this model resembles an SUV, but it is a comfortable electric car, which is nice to get around town. This model has both its interior and exterior design on the top level. As for technical characteristics, iX3 has a 286-horsepower engine, which takes 480 minutes to be charged, and a max speed of 200 km/h.


Jaguar I-Pace. This is a comfortable and dynamic car with a very powerful engine of 400 horsepower, and a battery of 90kWh, which can last for up to 470 km. The only disadvantage of this incredibly elegant car is the very long charging time. But it is worth sacrificing your time for getting absolute satisfaction when driving the I-Pace.


Nissan Leaf. Those looking for a reliable car for the city might like the Nissan Leaf. At the quiet pace of driving in a town car charging enough for 150-170 km, this electric car accelerates in a couple of seconds. The car has an unparalleled interior, excellent road holding, and has all the amenities in the cabin.


Hyundai Kona Electric. This car is fully electric and has all-wheel drive. If your mileage per day is up to 250-450 km, then you will definitely make friends with this car. It is comfortable, has a nice design, and there are no questions about the driving qualities.


Skoda Enyaq 80x. The car has four-wheel drive and rides amazingly. Quiet on the road, with a comfortable ride and a lot of electronic assistants. The engine is electric: 265 hp, the car went on sale in 2020. The electric car is equipped with two power units.


Porsche Taycan. This model was officially the fastest e-car on the tests of 2021, and today it is still one of the best. The chic interior of Taycan is also very practical, and the tech features are at their best, with a maximum speed of 250 km/h, and a charging time of its battery at 520 minutes.


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