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Psychopathic Moron CDC Director Walensky Upset Not Enough Five-Year-Olds Getting ‘Covid’ Boosters

During Wednesday’s House Energy and Commerce oversight and health subcommittees hearing, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admitted the establishment is losing the information war when it comes to the experimental mRNA jabs being given to children.

Highlighting “the real importance of mis and disinformation and how it has undermined” the government’s efforts to inject young Americans, Walensky complained about a one percent decrease in kindergarten students receiving a Covid shot.

She said, “We’ve seen vaccine rates of incoming children into kindergarten have gone down from 94% to 93% just in this last year. That’s a quarter-of-a-million children not coming to kindergarten being up to date in their vaccines.”

“We are doing a lot of work at CDC, but this is not something that CDC can do alone. It’s going to take all of our agencies, it’s going to take all of the government and every single one of us has a role in mis and disinformation,” Walensky concluded.

Later, Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw asked Dr. Walensky why bivalent Covid booster shots have been approved for young children considering they’re risk-level for Covid is insanely low and most of them already have natural immunity.

She responded by claiming there have been “2,000 pediatric deaths from Covid-19” and that the only way they could get the Covid jab approved for uninsured children was by getting it onto the pediatric vaccination schedule.

While this is portrayed as a humanitarian issue meant to ensure less-fortunate kids get the shot, it’s actually a monetary incentive for the Big Pharma companies to get the jabs into the arms of as many people as possible.

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