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Ickonic’s Ex-Formula One model Leilani Dowding questions why people have praised Sam Smith’s overtly sexual music video but were quick to call for grid girl ban over risqué clothing

Former grid girl Leilani Dowding has claimed it’s double standards to praise Sam Smith for stripping off in a racy music video after there was mass outrage at Formula One models for wearing sexy outfits.

In a string of tweets, the Real Housewives Of Cheshire star said she ‘absolutely loved’ her time working as a model on the circuit until ‘angry women’ forced grid girls to be banned from the sport.

Leilani questioned why Sam’s recent video for new single I’m Not Here To Make Friends hadn’t sparked the same outrage that grid girls did.

Grid girls were axed from Formula One in 2018, with bosses saying that they were not in keeping with their ‘brand values’.

The move mirrored the Professional Darts Corporation’s decision to end the practice of glamorous women escorting male players to the stage, though tournaments still feature a troupe of female cheerleaders dancing to walk-ons.

In her tweet, Leilani wrote: ‘I remember all those angry women who are sure to ban grid girls and podium girls.

‘Where are their voices now when kids can watch graphic hardcore or a touch of a button, and pop stars wriggle around in simulated golden showers.’

Leilani ended her tweet: ‘Me on left doing what’s now banned’ and shared a snap of herself as a grid girl in 2002 alongside a grab of Sam in the music video.

She continued her tirade by responding to a follower who also shared a snap of a former grid girl.

The Twitter user wrote: ‘The darts and F1 and boxing got rid of these because it was degrading (even though they were paid and it was consensual) yet SS [Sam Smith] is applauded. What a [clown emoji] world.’

Leilani then responded: ‘Degrading. It was fun and amazing money, and something so many girls wanted to do.

‘They attacked beauty and women’s form and that’s why you see 14-year-olds wanting to cut off their breasts.’

Another user posted: ‘I think it’s disgraceful that it was banned personally. It’s the year 2023 and if a woman is happy to do a grid girl job and get paid well for then why shouldn’t they be able to.

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