Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 February 2023

Horned Ones of Orion & Saturn

I have spent many years perusing books on Alchemy, mysticism and symbolism, and what strikes me most, is how much esoteric ‘imagery’ (knowledge) seems to be showing us the ‘interconnectedness’ of the stars and earth. When we consider Alchemy, along with various ancient scriptures of antiquity, there appears to be a common connection between what I call the ‘Star Man’ – Orion and Saturn. In this blog I will offer some esoteric background to the imagery projected by ‘stars’ (celebrities), especially the symbolic ritualistic art performed for the masses at global events.

There are also ancient records of a mysterious race of beings associated with what Hopi Indians call the ‘Two Horned Clan’. In the ancient world the Hopi talked of ‘unnatural gods’, the ‘rulers of dreams’ as having horns. The Hopi said these figures were of the Two Horned Clan, or the ‘Two Horn’ and ‘One Horn’ Societies. According to the Hopi, this clan, along with the Unicorn and Bow Clans, perform some of the most significant and oldest ceremonies in their calendar. The worship of the ‘Unktehi’, through to later buffalo-reverence by the plains tribes of South and North Dakota in the USA, are also examples of the importance of Orion/Taurus worship.

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