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Teenager machineguns the home of a terrified mother and young child in Stockholm suburb in latest example of spiralling gun crime as migrant drug gangs battle for control of the streets

This is the terrifying moment a teenager armed with an AK-47 fired 15 bullets into the home of a terrified mother and her young child in a Stockholm suburb.

In exclusive footage obtained by MailOnline, bullets are sprayed into the front door with empty cartridge cases bouncing down the stairwell, before the camera focuses on the front door riddled with holes.

A frightened mother, who lives in the block, told MailOnline: ‘It was crazy. It wasn’t a small gun. It was a Kalashnikov.

‘It is terrible that attacks like this are normalised.’

The flat is the home of the ex-girlfriend of a well-known rapper, but she is no longer with him. The attack appears to have been a scare tactic.

Sweden has seen at least 15 incidents of homes being sprayed with bullets and a similar number of bombings in the last six weeks as drug gangs, mainly from immigrant communities, battle for control of the streets.

An hour after the apartment shooting, police managed to prevent a potential murder in nearby Hammarbyhöjden.

Officers carrying out surveillance on an address linked to a man in the Dalen network are said to have begun chasing a suspicious car.

The pursuit ended with the car crashing and two boys aged 13 and 14 being arrested after automatic weapons and masks were found inside.

A man who ran from the car was also arrested and is in custody on suspicion of aggravated weapons offences and of preparing for murder.

Later that night a man was shot dead in the street beside a car park at the Huvudsta Centrum shopping centre, just outside the Kebabkhan Kurdistan restaurant.

The country’s organised crime problem even reached London four years ago when a hitman murdered Flamur Beqiri on the doorstep of his home in front of his wife and toddler.

In the latest atrocity to hit the country once known for its peaceful tolerance, a 15-year-old migrant was ‘executed’ with a shot to the head as he sat in a sushi restaurant in a shopping centre south of Stockholm.

Ali Shafaei, who escaped Taliban persecution and fled Afghanistan in 2019, became the fourth person to be murdered by a gun since Christmas around the Swedish capital.

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