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New Zealand’s repressive regime continues to withhold information and refuses to investigate vaccine harms

One of the most effective ways to repress occupied populations is to cut out sources of information and remove the possibility of investigation. When reprisals against resistors caused public outrage in 1941, Hitler devised the Nacht und Nebel (Night and Fog) policy. Henceforth the fate of captured resistors, whether they were dead or alive, would be withheld from their dear ones and the public, who, living in dread, did not know whether to protest or hope. Inevitably, news of their cruel fate eventually leaked out.

Here is a personal family story of cardiac vaccine injury from the USA. You may have read similar stories, especially if you have searched for them. I am concerned here to point out the similarities and differences between the approach of the US medical services in this case and those here in New Zealand.

Emily’s sister, Jordan (age 26), reported to her GP with tachycardia – a very fast heart rate – after her first J&J jab. Jordan was rapidly transferred to hospital for assessment. Later Emily’s child, Aiden (age 14), reported to hospital with chest pains after his second Pfizer jab. At the hospital, both were extensively tested.

The doctors ordered an echocardiogram – ultrasound of the heart – for Jordan and saw a pericardial effusion – fluid around the heart. It progressed, and she then was diagnosed with pericarditis – inflammation of the sack-like membrane surrounding the heart – due to the J&J vaccine. The doctors issued Jordan with an exemption from further covid vaccination.

Aiden’s assessment by emergency department doctors revealed abnormal ECG – a test measuring electrical signals of the heart – and elevated troponin, an enzyme suggesting heart damage. At that point, Aiden was diagnosed with “vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

It is now a year since these incidents. Emily reports she is incredibly thankful for their medical care staff, the actions of Aiden’s cardiologist and other specialists, and the ongoing care through the year-long road to recovery. She has not received any compensation. Emily publicised their story, she reports:

“I truly expected some compassion and empathy, instead I was met with labels, accusations and blocks. I’m sad to say the bulk of it has come from the Twitter medical community. I find it beyond hypocritical to support a vaccine and deny the existence of the vaccine-injured, especially with clear causation.”

The vaccine-injured here in New Zealand will empathise with the abuse and the lack of compensation but will look with envy at the rapid issue of vaccine exemptions and the outstanding level of medical care and support.

The NZ government deliberately hid information about vaccine safety

Early on, our government appeared to decide to ignore the safety recommendations of Pfizer itself. Pfizer was advising that vaccine exemptions be granted to anyone with injuries subsequent to inoculation or with a health history of allergic reactions or adverse responses to other vaccines. Our government began by refusing almost all applications for vaccine exemption from people in these categories.

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