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Most people trust the United Nations and that may well be the root of our problem

The United Nations should be dismantled – they are not fit for purpose.

The United Nations is controlled by oligarchs.  The same oligarchs control the World Economic Forum and many other non-governmental organisations.  These organisations and institutions do what is good for the oligarchs, only the oligarchs, and the oligarchs are not good.

Dismantle The United Nations

When I heard that the recent World Economic Forum (“WEF”) conference at Davos was poorly attended I had the distinct feeling that the edifice of control is crumbling as we type. The unipolar world has failed again. Now there will be a period of absolute chaos while the enemy thrashes around in its death throes and those who seek a multipolar world gather strength.

I suspect that the multipolar world will be JUST as totalitarian and dangerous because, if you look at the policies, they still centre around the UN and Agenda 21.

The UN is not the benign creature it was cracked up to be.

However, despite promoting this 2016 petition, you will notice how few signatures I have managed to accumulate. The vast majority of humanity believes in the UN and that may well be the root of our problem!

The Declaration of Human Rights, which is the initialising document of the United Nations, was a laudable and wonderful effort to encapsulate the genuine desires of the politicians who signed it in 1948.

Since then even the first few words cannot be said to have been achieved.

“ARTICLE 1, All human beings are born free & equal in dignity and rights.”

It cannot be emphasised enough that these words, although evident and true, are violated every second of every day in all parts of the world and the United Nations cannot be said to have improved rights for any human being except, maybe those who occupy positions of power.

We see vast resources being funnelled into this organisation and we also see them constantly begging for further resources to cover their expenses.

We see enormous edifices of governance, huge conferences and meetings during which many resolutions and agendas are produced.

None of which have successfully prevented war, famine, disease or the loss of homelands and resources.

We hear of resolutions being vetoed by one vote against many over and over. This indicates a toothless tiger shackled to a globalist predator regime which, far from liberating the people of the world, is actually creating a global prison in which all people are subjected to draconian and domineering control.

I therefore propose that the existing United Nations be declared unfit for purpose and be dismantled before it achieves its unsavoury objectives as laid out in Agenda 21 and 2030.

These Agendas may seem benign on the surface but the reality of them is the wholesale destruction of diversity of culture and the destruction of nations “for the greater good” – supposedly.

We need international cooperation without doubt, but we do not need an expensive, useless pariah dictating a policy in which human beings are to continue to be treated as just another commodity or resource in a world controlled by internationalist corporations and the sinister few extremely wealthy individuals who own them.

“We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations to consider itself unfit for purpose and to desist from forming a global army, police force and dictatorship.

“We insist that the United Nations does not have our permission to implement Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 which denies national sovereignty and demands adherence to a globalist regime which operates to the detriment of individual freedoms as enshrined in its own Declaration of Human Rights.”

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