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Cult-owned Biden heckled during State of the Union lie-fest


Biden touts economic progress and spars with Republicans in contentious State of the Union address

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden touted his economic accomplishments and offered a scolding for Republicans — previewing the case he’ll make for re-election — in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

Confronting a divided Congress for the first time since taking office, Biden talked back as Republicans heckled him from the floor of the House of Representatives they now control.

A series of tense exchanges during the traditionally decorous event highlights the partisan rancor Biden will need to overcome to accomplish anything with the new Congress — including just raising the debt ceiling to avoid a catastrophic default on U.S. debt.

He pointed to the economic progress made during his presidency and said he would not let Republicans “take the economy hostage” over the debt ceiling,

“Jobs are coming back, pride is coming back. Because of the choices we made in the last two years,” he said.

Still, the president faced choruses of “boos” and scattered shouts of insults like “liar” on a range of issues.

The outbursts appeared to come mainly from the handful of usual suspect Republicans, who are known for pulling stunts and provoking leaders of both parties.

But the president, too, was unusually combative at times, and especially folksy at others. (He said “folks more than 20 times.)

One particularly tense exchange occurred when Biden accused Republicans of wanting to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare as part of ongoing negotiations over raising the debt ceiling.

GOP lawmakers appeared aghast at the accusation, expressing theatrical levels of shock and outrage while others jeered and booed.

“Anybody who doubts it, contact my office, I’ll give you a copy of the proposal,” Biden said, clearly taken aback.

The president regained control of the situation by saying, somewhat facetiously, that the outcry showed both parties want to keep the entitlement programs out of debt ceiling talks.

“As we all apparently agree, Social Security and Medicare is off the books now, right?” Biden said. “Alright, we’ve got unanimity.”

But some threshold had been crossed and the taunts continued throughout Biden’s speech when he addressed issues like immigration and the opioid crisis, with one Republican appearing to yell that it was Biden’s fault.

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