Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 8 February 2023

Church of England considering dropping the phrase “our father” from the Lord’s Prayer to be “more inclusive”

The attack on Christianity is not necessarily from the outside but from within.

The track record from the Church of England hasn’t exactly been a good one with regard to social revolutionaries and pandering to their ideologies to “keep in line with the time” but now, the CofE has reached a new low where the church is considering dropping the phrase “our Father” from the start of the Lord’s Prayer and to instruct clergy’s to refrain from using, get this… MALE PRONOUNS when talking about God.

Reverend Joanna Stobart, a woman vicar in the diocese of Guildford had claimed that some clergy (including her), are wanting to refer to God without using the pronouns he/him to be “more inclusive.”

In a report by The Telegraph, Joanna wrote, “Please could the liturgical commission provide an update on the steps being taken to develop more inclusive language in our authorized liturgy and to provide more options for those who wish to use authorized liturgy and speak of god in a non-gendered way, particularly in authorized absolutions where many of the prayers offered for use refer to God using male pronouns?”

This isn’t the first and probably not the last time the Church of England has bent its knee to the social revolutionaries, you may remember that back in July 2021, the CofE announced it was introducing quotas for black and ethnic clergy in a bid to ‘fight racism’ with ‘anti-racism training’ in the church.

Meanwhile mixed-raced now Anglican deacon Reverend Calvin Robinson was blocked from ordination in the Church of England simply for his political views which align with the bible.

Christians, especially in the West, need to start standing up for themselves and not allow a complete social revolutionary takeover.

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