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Where can I exercise in Medellín, Colombia?

If you’re traveling through Colombia and can’t find the right exercise places, you can consider spending some days in Medellín. The city is an extraordinary place to stay fit and exercise. We recommend spending some hours of your morning or late evening getting out and getting on with your exercise routine. Residents of Medellín like to jog, rollerblade, cycle, hike, and dance. The city has also invested in sports facilities, making exercising even easier. Check the top activities to stay healthy in Medellín, Colombia. 

Open-air gyms

The city has been shaping many open-air gyms to encourage everybody to do some exercise. These facilities are an integral part of the 20 urban parks. They are usually filled with people during the mornings, but you can find a space in the evening. The best ones are in El Tesoro and the Parque de la Bailarina. Both are located on a steep incline, providing further options for circuits. Travelers who like to train with weights can enjoy some spots near the Divine Eucharist Church in Poblado and the Indeportes building in the city’s stadium.  

Walking, jogging & hiking

Medellín offers hills to walk and keep your heart pumping. The parks are also incredible places to practice jogging. If you want to level up your hiking experience, you can head to the hill of the three crosses (Cerro de las Tres Cruces), and at the top, you will find a gym. The climb starts in the Belen neighborhood on the city’s west side. Also, you can try the Parque Lineal La Presidenta and the Parque Lineal La Frontera.  

Football (Soccer)

Like any other country in Latin America, Colombia loves to play soccer. It’s a popular sport among boys and girls. You will find soccer fields almost everywhere in the city, and you may get invited to try your skills. Usually, people gather in teams, and there is always someone missing. For this reason, you can always find a chance to join a team and enjoy this fantastic sport. The most popular venue is Cancha Campo Amor, near the airport, but you can also find spaces for 8 or 5 people in Manila, Poblado.  



Colombians are fans of cyclists and have the ability to go mountain biking. The sport became even more popular when Egan Bernal won the Tour de France in 2018. The mountains around Medellín make it a perfect place to do some cycling. Try the climb of Avenida Las Palmas or the Loma del Escobero, a popular spot for fanatics on the weekends. You will find amateur cyclists making their way up to Rionegreo early in the morning. Also, you can enjoy the Velódromo Martín E. Cochise and the Aeroparque Juan Pablo II.

Colombia Check-Mig Form

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