Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 6 February 2023

Tavistock Et Al, Black Cars, Torn Jeans and LGBTQ: Social Engineering, Mind Manipulation.

Black is beautiful. Blackness is goodness.

Have you ever noticed that most of the cars you see on city streets and highways are black? Some are white and shades of grey and silver in between? They represent about 90% or more of all car colors in the US and in Europe. You may find slightly more red, blue and yellow cars in Latin America, Asia and in Africa. But the trend is universal.

This is for a purpose. You are being primed to think in black and white and ultimately mostly in black, as white is gradually disappearing. An entire generation knows nothing else but “cars are black and white”. The proportion of black is overwhelming. And with limited choices and constantly being exposed to these limited same-same colors, people start thinking and liking black and white.

This has been going on for the last 20 to 30 years. And not only with car colors. Black has become a very popular fashion color. Household equipment comes in black. White and grey in between is gradually fading out. That’s a planned “coincidence”. At the beginning you had a choice between black, white and shades in between. Now the funnel is gradually closing in on black.

You have entire restaurants in black, apartments furnished in black. Radio, stereo, TV – sound equipment, all in black. There are black housefronts, black painted patios, black carpets and rugs. And more and more people dress in black.

Black is chic. Black is beautiful. Ever more so than white. Never mind that white is the divine color. It’s discarded. Outranked by black. Divine versus diabolical. The latter is gaining the upper hand.

Your mind is being directed to love black. Dark vibrations emanate from black. Sadness, despair, depressions are represented by darkness, blackness. Black inspires fear. Black is the antidote to joy. Black lowers your defenses, makes us vulnerable to negative vibes. Black is doomsday-ish. Black lowers our defenses. Black is a planned mindset of apocalyptic think. Black primes us for fear and submission, without we noticing.

The Tavistock Institute

Blackness and the belief in its goodness form the basis for much more to come – an open mind for societal manipulation.

Welcome to Tavistock: to the Tavistock Institute for Social Engineering of the Masses. It is based in Sussex, England, and describes itself as “a nonprofit charity that applies social sciences to contemporary issues and problems.” In reality, it applies highly sophisticated psycho-social sciences to numb and channel our minds.

The Tavistock Institute has a wide reach, working together with many US think tanks and social research institutes, including the Pentagon based semi-secret DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which serves as the central research and development organization of the Department of Defense. One of its sinister objectives is mind manipulation of individuals and collaborating with Tavistock on geoengineering populations at large.

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