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“I Had All the Skills to Get Into the RAF But – As a White Man – They Turned Me Down”

A 24 year-old man named Jack Zanelli believes he was a victim of so-called ’positive discrimination’ in the RAF after he scored highly in aptitude tests but failed to make the cut, according to the Telegraph. He may be among the 160 white men whom the RAF has been accused of discriminating against in its efforts to meet “aspirational diversity targets”.

Now, as someone who made a very similar point about the comedy industry and got viciously attacked for it, I have learnt my lesson and just want to say that white men are systemically evil patriarchs, or whatever, and the only way to improve society is to be racist and sexist against them. Phew, glad we’ve cleared that up.

Mr Zanelli, however, is not as re-educated as me, and told his story to the Telegraph:

Mr Zanelli, who lives in Stirling, said that in March 2021 he was taken to RAF Cranwell where he scored highly in the aptitude tests for both the Pilot, and the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Pilot tests.

However, in a subsequent interview, which was conducted over Skype, a recruiter told him that while he had done “very well”, he was not going to go forward in the recruitment process due to a “lack of leadership” experience.

“Considering the initial phase of RAF training, the ‘initial officer training’, is pretty much dedicated to building these skills I thought this was a pretty weak argument for them to defer me,” Mr Zanelli, who is now training to become a mortgage broker, said.

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