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How Many Ukrainians Have Been Forcibly Transferred to Russia?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has spawned Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, around eight million Ukrainian refugees have been recorded in Europe and other neighbouring countries, with an additional 250,000 having left for North America.

Ukraine’s pre-war population (excluding Crimea) was estimated to be around 41 million, which means that almost one in five Ukrainians have left the country. An additional fraction of the population has been internally displaced.

Because men are banned from leaving, at least 85% of those who’ve fled are women. (Depending on how many eventually return, this could dramatically upset the country’s gender balance.)

Scanning the numbers of Ukrainian refugees recorded in different countries around the world, one figure stands out – the number recorded in Russia. According to the UNHCR, 2.85 million refugees are residing there, more than in any other country. Indeed, 2.85 million is almost 36% of the total number of Ukrainian refugees.

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