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Bill Gates, “Aerogel” & the next stage of mRNA “vaccines”

Last week professional-software developer and amateur epidemiologist Bill Gates admitted that the mRNA Covid “vaccines” had “three problems”, including that they don’t prevent transmission.

But what appears at first glance to be a frank admission is really about protecting the narrative and setting up a new market for new vaccines.

Speaking at a Lowy Institute panel in Sydney Australia, Gates told the audience:

We also need to fix the three problems with the vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking, they’re not broad – so when new variants comes up you lose protection – and they have a very short duration…

Let’s be clear, Gates “admitting” some relatively harmless alleged problems with the “vaccines” is not due  to an attack of conscience or a Freudian slip, it’s just preparing for the next step of the scam.

Firstly, when you’re trying to sell a story to seven billion people, a tactful “admission” can actually further your agenda and strengthen your narrative.

When you “admit” a vaccine “doesn’t prevent transmission”, you’re also underlining that there is a new disease to transmit.

When you criticize a vaccine for not protecting against variants, you’re reinforcing the idea that there really are variants.

Through the act of notionally ceding ground, you’re actually fortifying a defensive position and  – most importantly – luring your critics into themselves conceding the most important part of your narrative – the reality of the “pandemic”.

At the same time, there’s the old fashioned limited hangout: Admitting small “mistakes” to camouflage telling big lies. Memory holing a psy-op.

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