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Where would we all be if the “vaccines” had been effective? In a dystopian nightmare.

It’s a blessing covid injections are ineffective because think what a different world we would be living in right now if they weren’t.  All the discrimination against and restrictions placed on the unvaccinated would cause some to say they were justified.  The discrimination and restrictions would most likely have intensified and become the “new normal.” 

But, the injections are ineffective and there have been, and still are, no grounds for any of the measures used by our governments, their advisors and other Covidians to coerce people to “get vaccinated” against their will.

The Miracle of the Ineffective Vaccines

Before I start, this isn’t about people dying who may not have died with an effective vaccine. It’s not about that. In an ideal world, for people vulnerable to Covid, there would be a safe and effective vaccine, available to anyone who wanted it and no pressure on those who didn’t. But we don’t live in an ideal world.

I call it “the miracle of the ineffective vaccines” because think what a different world we would be living in right now if the vaccines WERE effective. Imagine what your life would be like if the Covid vaccines DID stop infections and DID stop transmission. There’s no doubt about it, we would be living in some dystopian nightmare.

Fortunately, many of us could see that the vaccines didn’t stop infections or transmission in 2021. The authorities knew it too. It was clear as day in the UKHSA data which showed that the rate of infections per 100,000 individuals was much higher in the vaccinated. The worse those stats became, the more they tried to hide it until they were removed for good.

Even with that information and the appearance of Omicron, segregating the unvaccinated was top of the agenda. The infrastructure had been created and the power-hungry who were taking advantage of the situation were keen to use it. Restrictions, mandates and passports were all part of the new tools the authoritarians had at their disposal.

Even in 2022, 50 countries had mandates in place and over 100 countries had restrictions to access public services, facilities or schools. This map (from the University of Oxford) shows the countries (in blue) around the world that had some kind of restrictions on the unvaccinated in place.

Examples of mandates or restrictions included:

  • Italy mandated healthcare workers to be vaccinated
  • Israel introduced a Green Pass only allowing the vaccinated to do various things;
  • Austria had lockdowns only for the unvaccinated;
  • France required vaccine passes to access shops, theatres and transport;
  • Germany had different access rights to cultural and leisure facilities, transport and long-term care facilities;
  • Uganda used armed police to forcibly vaccinate bus travellers;
  • Tajikistan mandated vaccination for the entire adult population;
  • Turkmenistan required all of its adult population to be vaccinated;
  • Ecuador mandated vaccination for everyone over 5;
  • Puerto Rico required over 5s to be vaccinated to attend school;
  • Cost Rica mandated children between 3-18 to be vaccinated;
  • America had various mandates, for example, municipal workers in New York had to be vaccinated, many healthcare workers had to be vaccinated or lose their jobs and the military all had to be vaccinated;
  • The UK sacked almost 40,000 care home staff and was close to mandating vaccination for all healthcare workers.
  • Canada mandated vaccination for all federal employees;
  • Australia only allowed vaccinated individuals to access facilities after they reopened post-lockdowns.

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