Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 1 February 2023

Stuff the BBC Forgot to Tell You

  1. Snotty Americans in Washington told India to stop buying oil and arms from Russia. The Indians were thrilled and grateful for this advice but the official response appears to be the diplomatic equivalent of ‘What the hell has it got to do with you?’
  2. Judges are now reported to be forcing covid jabs (which don’t do what they are supposed to do but which do kill people) on mentally ill and the educationally subnormal. Dr Josef Mengele FRSA, the BBC’s special correspondent, was contacted by ouija board and told the BBC he was thrilled to bits.
  3. If Jews or Muslims were treated as badly as Christians are treated there would be an outcry. A Christian woman was arrested for silently praying. Can you imagine the fuss if a Jew or Muslim (or anyone other than a Christian) were arrested for silently praying? And most retail establishments are now flogging Easter eggs as chocolate eggs – apparently determined to eradicate religion from Easter. Don’t buy a chocolate egg that doesn’t have Easter on the box. If I see one I’ll complain to the shop manager. She’ll probably say it’s not her fault – I’ll tell her it is and that as a member of an oppressed group (elderly white males) I feel ethnically violated.
  4. Researchers have found that the pandemic was bad for young people. They’re wrong. The pandemic wasn’t bad because there wasn’t one. Young people have been devastated (permanently in many cases) by the lockdowns, the closure of schools, the social distancing, the stupid masks and the deadly covid-jabs which are now causing an epidemic of sudden death which the entire medical establishment began by denying and now finds inexplicable, though climate change cultists claim that the deaths are a result of either global warming or global cooling.
  5. Someone from the Food Standards Agency claims that allowing cakes in offices is like passive smoking. That’s plain silly and patently nonsensical. The Food Standards Agency is just one of a myriad of utterly pointless and expensive public bodies. If all these agencies and quangos were closed, the Government could buy us all a cake each every week for life. That would be a much more sensible use of taxpayers’ money.
  6. Our politicians consider themselves above the law. Sunak, for example, displays the sort of morality you’d expect from a former Goldman Sachs employee which is hardly surprising since he is one. Professional politicians used to be lawyers and that was bad enough. Now politicians were either bankers (often from Goldman Sachs) or lawyers. The BBC Chairman, who is alleged to have helped Boris Johnson fix up an £800,000 loan, is also an ex Goldman Sachs employee. Having been fined twice by the police, Sunak now surely qualifies as a recidivist and should be on probation. MPs get arrested often but nowhere near as often as they should. They shamelessly refuse to resign. We live in a world dominated by deceit, double dealing, fraud, greed and scarcely hidden agendas. I can’t think of a single professional politician in the world who could be described as honest, decent and respectable (by which I mean `worthy of respect’). And the people manipulating the politicians (the armies of lobbyists, the hedge fund operators, the investment bankers, the NGO officials) are universally corrupt and self-serving.

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