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Shocking: 1992 Book Predicts Current World Crises, Points to “Post-Industrial” World by 2050

A 1992 conspiratorial book is going viral after it predicted current “post-industrial” events in the world today – and plausible, future events on the current trajectory.

The book, The Conspirators Hierarchy, the Committee of 300, was written by John Coleman, a man who once claimed to have worked for the CIA and MI6.

Coleman learned by the early 90s that an international committee, spearheaded by the Bilderberg Group and Western intelligence agencies, would guide the world toward a “post-industrial” hellscape controlled by technocrats who came to influence during the Carter administration.

At least 4 billion ‘useless eaters’ shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation,” Coleman predicted in a segment that’s going viral.

There’s already a “limited war” in Ukraine, with NATO and Russia refusing to back down in a conflict that could easily erupt into a major war, and even a nuclear exchange.

Additionally, a US Air Force general warned the US could be at war with China by 2025.

“I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025,” General Minihan wrote in a leaked memo.

Moreover, Covid-19, despite being a virus, also served the purpose of a “fatal, rapid-acting disease,” although it wasn’t as fatal as many analysts predicted during the early stages of the global outbreak.

That said, Covid-19 did have the intended effect of mass lockdowns, supply chain breakdowns, global economic upheavals and the rapid expansion of authoritarian decrees, all of which fall right in line with Coleman’s book.

And it’s quite plausible that Covid-19 won’t be the only mass pandemic.

Coleman also made other predictions in his book that are eerily similar to current events, with his words in italics:

Pornography shall be promoted and be compulsory showing in every theater of cinema, including homosexual and lesbian pornography.

Coleman’s prediction here is actually mild compared to what’s happening now as there’s now controversy over pornography being available at public school libraries, with parents flooding school board meeting outraged at the content their young children are seeing in schools.

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