Posted by Jaymie Icke Posted on 31 January 2023

Do Kids Need Protecting From Social Media?

We live in a time where everything is connected, everything is accessible, and everything is too easy. Too easy for young people to be taken down a dark road, not in the form of a bad man, but in the form of social forums that appeal to the darkest corners of their minds.

Social media is a toxic environment, pure and simple. The older and more worldly you are, the easier it is to navigate that and only allow the positives of social media to influence your life. Now I’m not blind, I can see that social media has its benefits, it allowed people to keep in touch with long-lost family, reignite old friendships and also a way to create groups, start clubs and meet like-minded people. But I can just mention things that adults would do, and even some adults, I would say a small majority have an unhealthy relationship with social media.

The downsides to social media or its potential risks of it are many, it’s not just the time you spend on it, it’s the way it makes you feel afterwards, and how it makes you view yourself and your own life. This is the part that I think has the biggest risk for children and young people, and I’ll explain why below.

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