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Soul empowering information: 29th, 28th, 27th & 26th January 23 Howlin’ at the moon

A tangled web but there are superficial clues besides…the genes…and befitting of the Jesus in Britain and Grail legends. All Otherworldly and very inter-world.

Meghan Markle is MM. Meghan is a Venus name, a Mary name. Jesus’ ancestral ‘House’ and Harry’s fourth name, ‘David’ (supposedly after the 7th name of the relie they don’t like to talk about – the Duke of Windsor) means ‘beloved’ – H&M married on 19th May (the old time Julian calendar) Beltane date, sacred marriage (hieros gamos) time for the ancient Britons and equals 24 (6). He was born 15th September – also equals 24 (6) (This 16th birthday was marked by the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony – a Friday (Venus day)).

The fore-warning (metaphorical) enchanted self-sacrifice of ‘Free Man’ rite at the Sydney Olympics, on 15th September 2000.

Christened (reborn) in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor on the Winter Solstice 1984, a Friday (Venus day): 21-12-1984 = 33 and 22 = 55. Numerosymbologically (the separations and moving to live abroad are destined). Winter Solstice is venerated as the return of the light and The Light. The ceremony (naturally) took place on a significant portal and power centre, one of the most sacred hills of the Ancient Britons – where the explosive conk had Windsor Castle built and other bar stewards that tyrannised after, St. George’s Chapel – and where the Knights of the Garter (inspired by England’s chief witch) hold their ceremonies. On Friday, 20th November 1992, a 16 date – so often a number (frequency) of Divine warning or retribution – a huge fire broke out there.* This was (the old time Julian calendar) Samhain date. Ancient Britons’ New Year and the other major thin time. Beltane and Samhain Eves are when the Wild Hunt rides out. At Windsor it is led by Herne the Hunter. In one of the state rooms, the Green room, there are statues of two fawns (pan-like creatures) either side of the fireplace and offering a baby to the fire.

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