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How Scotland Became the Wokest Country in the World

ust how did Scotland get so woke? We constantly hear about how unpopular Sturgeon’s mad policies are to voters, yet she continues to push the country into ever more radical territory. Jenny Hjul has explored this question in the Telegraph. Here’s an excerpt:

The fact that Scotland is at the epicentre of transgender politics is a turn of events that has probably taken most of its inhabitants by surprise. Scots, while far removed from the presbyterian stereotypes, are not so different from other Brits in their social mores.

How then did their country become known as the wokest in the world? A place where a rapist was sent to a female jail after identifying as a woman; where it will be possible, if the Government has its way, for people to change gender without a medical diagnosis; where social engineering has seen middle-class students seemingly outlawed by the top universities; and where the capital city regards meat as an evil to be eradicated from all public sector menus.

The most toxic area is obvious: the trans row. Just before Christmas, the devolved Government in Scotland almost succeeded in its mission to reform gender recognition legislation, removing the need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in order to receive a gender recognition certificate, and lowering the age for applicants to 16.

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