Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 29 January 2023

Where we are at in ‘God’s Dream’.

Presently our earth, this ‘the world’ is deep into that process.

During ‘the Change’ and increasingly as ‘the Shift’ approaches ‘midnight’, everything plays out in front of the current ‘dimensional custodians’ eyes (present humanity at this time). Nothing is hidden any more. Inversions, contradictions, war, crime, corruption, debauchery, lies, deceit, false witness, every evil. Macro and microcosm, pre-played to symbolise what is coming e.g. We are being shown by today’s waves of ‘illegal immigrants’ what is going on in the ether – and our attitudes and reactions to this are observed and noted. All this evil is being exposed to the unforgiving glare of Divine light – if you can’t see it, put your sunglasses on. One last chance for individuals in the current guardian species to come to their senses, to see and live honourably and truthfully. Only then are they adequately ‘together enough’ frequentially to transit into the ‘higher’ realm earth.

These are ‘the Last Days’.

This ‘the world’ is the frequency range that human beings were charged with being custodians of.

‘Human beings’ are spirits (aspects of Divine consciousness) made individual souls and ‘beings’ attuned to engage and thrive on earth in this frequency (manifested) and potentially the new earth (which is already created in another frequency range – dimension – world).

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