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Russian Dolls and the Age of Disclosure

For many alternative Russian media sources Putin’s appearance, his face and height, voice has changed over the years. This has led to the belief that Russia has long been ruled by a global mafia, based in Kremlin and possible connections to sabbatean secret societies. Much of the take over of ‘modern Russia’ land was instigated during the Gorbachev administration. The Russian Federation, like the United States, is a corporation. There was an illegal take over of the Soviet Union with evidence of Slavic sovereign peoples birth rights sold on the financial markets through the central bank of Russian Federation (the Russian Federation created in 1990), during the breakdown of the Soviet Union. In fact there is a massive debt being paid annually since the destruction of the Soviet Union, to the United States.

Since 1996 there has been no head of executive power in Russia – “no president” elected by the people according to some sources in Russia. Especially since the death of Yeltsin (who was an obvious puppet of the West), and since 2000 Russia has been ruled by the Cult, who, with the knowledge of the members of the Federal Assembly, put up actors (puppets), or artists (see Zelensky) instead of a genuine president. Putin’s character was likeable and appealing to the people of Russia, but was later used as Kremlin based “brand” and a calculated strategy to advance what could be perceived as a Cult agenda.

Many Russian analysts and political scientists have been “analyzing” the behaviour of these puppets (like Putin/Biden) for almost thirty years, like real presidents: every word of these “artists” is discussed, every deed is evaluated. And what should they do when it turns out that they have not been analysing Putin for 20 years? Or that such ‘puppets’, or ‘pawns’, have been perceived of having power and control over the direction of the world, when in truth, they have been dolls or pieces used to distract the public. As one former Soviet engineer and inventor (now an activist, researcher and writer), Yuri Muhin suggests:

“These “analysts” will die with the consciousness of being right, however, some will die with the words: “Putin and Russia are united!”, And others with the words: “Damn Putin!”. And nothing will help them see their own stupidity – no arguments!”

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