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UK Department of Health refuses to answer when ONS will publish updated data

Andrew Bridgen, independent Member of Parliament (“MP”) for North West Leicestershire, asked when the Office for National Statistics (“ONS”) would publish an update of the Deaths by Vaccination data.  He received a robotic response from the Department of Health and Social Care (“DHSC”).

In Parliament on Tuesday, immediately after Esther McVey, MP for Tatton, requested an urgent and thorough investigation into excess deaths, Mr. Bridgen, asked when the ONS would publish updated data on deaths by vaccination status:

“The ONS have not issued mortality data by vaccination status since 31 of May last year … can [the Minister] inform the House when it will be published?”

The Minister Mr. Bridgen was addressing was Maria Caulfield, DHSC Under-Secretary.  Someone pressed Caulfield’s replay button as she basically gave the same response to Mr. Bridgen as she had given to Ms. McVey moments earlier, even though the two questions put to her were very different:

“There are a number of factors, which are the same factors that have driven excess deaths across the United Kingdom but also across Europe.”

It’s as if Caulfield is a mindless robot pre-programmed with a script that contains very few lines.

The above was clipped from ‘Oral questions: Health and Social Care, House of Commons, Tuesday 24 January 2023’.  You can watch the full session on Parliament TV  HERE.

In May 2022, the Office of National Statistics stopped publishing data on the vaccination status of those who had died.   The ONS report with this data was titled ‘Deaths by Vaccination Status’.

Because the dataset was deliberately biased in favour of showing the “vaccines” were “safe and effective” and was being used to promote the “safe and effective” narrative, in November 2022 four researchers – Professor Norman Fenton, Professor Martin Neil, Dr. Clare Craig and Scott McLachlan – made a formal complaint to the UK Statistics Regulator about ONS’ data stating it was “a matter of national concern and scandal.”

Last week the Regulator confirmed that the data could not be used to justify that covid injections were “safe and effective.”  As a consequence, the researchers called on BBC and others to publicly retract their “safe and effective” statements which had been based on this dataset.

That bias was injected into the data was confirmed by two other researchers, El Gato Malo and Joel Smalley who both re-analysed the deaths by vaccination status data and concluded that the vaccinated were already dying proportionally more than the unvaccinated up to May 2022 when the ONS stopped reporting.

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