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Transgender double rapist Isla Bryson leaves women’s prison after 48 hours and is put behind bars in an all-male unit after Nicola Sturgeon was forced into screeching U-turn

Transgender rapist Isla Bryson has today been moved out of Scotland’s only all-women’s prison to a male jail within hours of a humiliating U-turn by Nicola Sturgeon.

Bryson, named Adam Graham until 2020, was removed to a male wing of a prison this afternoon. A vehicle believed to be transporting Bryson was pictured leaving Cornton Vale jail in Stirling at around 2.30pm and it arrived at a replacement facility at 5.20pm.

The SNP leader revealed the U-turn just 24 hours after her own justice secretary Keith Brown backed the Scottish Prison Service’s decision to put the transgender double rapist with female inmates in Cornton Vale.

Bryson’s estranged wife Shonna Graham, 31, told MailOnline her former partner’s transition was a ‘sham for attention’ and he was ‘bull******** the authorities’ to avoid a male prison. Critics said the rapist was a threat to female inmates.

oday Ms Sturgeon revealed the abuser – who was born a man, still has a penis and only began transitioning after being charged with rape – would be moved out of the all-female prison after just two days there.

The First Minister did not say where Bryson will be sent but her spokesman later confirmed it would ‘not be on the female estate’. Ms Sturgeon told First Minister’s Questions: ‘I don’t think it’s possible to have a rapist within a women’s prison’.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said today: ‘It should not have taken public disgust and a slew of negative headlines about a double rapist being sent to a women’s prison for Nicola Sturgeon to realise this was completely unacceptable and wrong.’

Meanwhile, Mr Ross accused Ms Sturgeon of ‘hiding behind’ the Scottish Prison Service when she suggested it was responsible for the decision.

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