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‘Pupils knew he was much older than he was pretending to be’: Classmates of triple killer who lied he was 14 to get into UK say the Afghan asylum seeker ‘terrorised classmates and frightened girls into sending him indecent photos’

The asylum seeker triple murderer, 21, who fooled authorities he was 14 terrified young girls into sending him indecent pictures when he was placed in a UK school.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai was yesterday convicted of murdering aspiring marine Thomas Roberts in Bournemouth town centre in March last year.

It then emerged he had murdered two other people in Serbia before he claimed asylum in the UK by pretending to be a 14-year-old orphan when he was actually 18.

Abdulrahimzai was put into foster care in Bournemouth and sent to school in the Dorset resort, where he began targeting young girls for depraved pictures.

The mother of one boy he beat up while he was in his year said: ‘The kids were petrified of him and knew he was much older than he was pretending to be.’

He frightened girls into sending him indecent selfies, she added to The Sun.

Abdulrahimzai had hoodwinked Border Force and the Home Office after arriving in Dorset on a Brittany Ferries service from Cherbourg on Boxing Day 2019. A judge later ruled his birthday was actually October 7, 2001.

Last night a Conservative member of the Commons’ home affairs select committee, Simon Fell MP, called on ministers to launch an ‘immediate review’.

‘This is a shocking case. A man has died for want of some basic checks against police and intelligence databases,’ he added.

‘It is crucial that the Home Office immediately review their procedures to ensure that anyone with anything approaching the criminal background of this individual are identified and refused entry to the UK, and to learn what went wrong in this case.

‘This simply cannot be allowed to happen again.’

Abdulrahimzai’s foster mother Ms Marchant-Jones said she started becoming worried about him after spotting a knife tucked into his trousers during a Christmas shopping trip, prompting her to contact social services. She said: ‘I was always worried he would do something with a knife.’

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