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How To Choose an Affiliate Program

Why is it important to choose the most suitable affiliate program for you?


Being properly selected, it will provide your resource with a constant income that does not require time and effort. A website, channel, social media page or blog attracts a large number of visitors – you are cooperating with an affiliate business by placing ads. Numerous site visitors see it, go to the advertiser’s site, while the information resource receives interest from transitions and turns income into passive.


A properly chosen affiliate program makes noticeable positive changes in the financial situation of both partners. At the same time, everyone can safely do their own thing.

The method is almost universal, and at the same time effective. It is quite simple to use, so it will suit the entrepreneur both with experience and without it. 


The target audience of the business is important: it must surf the Internet or at least clearly understand what it is. Otherwise, the information channel will not help the business in any way and will not receive anything from advertising. If this is your first experience of interacting with an advertiser, then the most appropriate way would be to choose an affiliate marketing network. An affiliate network is a kind of affiliate program aggregator that helps to establish a secure interaction between an affiliate and an advertiser, which greatly simplifies the choice, especially at the initial stages of a career in this industry.

General aspects


Some things need to be paid attention to both the advertiser and the owner of the advertising platform. First of all, it is a harmonious combination of the theme of the resource and the product being sold. The owner of the resource, ideally, should meet the needs and expectations of his audience, at least understand this area, because he sells the product and answers the questions of the advertiser’s potential customers. Everyone will benefit from this.


When choosing an affiliate marketing program, collect as much information about the partner as possible. This is the study of the site, not excluding product descriptions, guarantees, design. Be sure to check out the comments and reviews. The best affiliate program is the one, after evaluating the site of which you want to purchase the product, and follow the resource further. For a blogger or streamer, his reputation and fame are also important, because you not only sell a product, but you can also be held responsible for the problems of buyers. This means that your reputation depends on the reputation of the advertiser.


It is best to choose an affiliate program that suits the topic, impresses with its reputation and content, and leaves a good impression.

Another thing you should do is test the partner’s product. It means to sit, read and, of course, experience for yourself. This is necessary for the advertiser to understand which audience will come for his product and whether they will come. And the media worker will understand what exactly he is selling, and will be able to sincerely talk about a good product. So he will even get the opportunity to answer questions from users. And, finally, follow the compatibility of the audience and the advertiser’s website.

Tips for the resource owner


Therefore, you need to pay attention to some conditions of the affiliate program:


First, deal with the commission amount. The standard is 30%, although the minimum is 5% and the maximum is 50%. A lot depends on the product. Evaluate also how often and how the advertiser pays. It is unlikely that you will have enough payments once a month, and there are enough ways to transfer money: from a cashless transfer to a card to Webmoney. The more options, the better the affiliate program.


Rate your personal account. It should provide an opportunity for analytics, information about transitions to the advertiser’s website. In addition, you will need a user-friendly interface, links, payout control, and promotional materials and tools. And a good advertising partner should prepare a variety of those, this will be an indicator of his interest in the success of the business and his attitude towards you as a partner. After all, this way you can promote the product more effectively.


Pay attention to how long the cookie is saved – saving the link to the employer’s website. It also happens that a client goes there, is interested, but decides to buy a product only after a few months. It is fair that you are entitled to a percentage of this buyer, but only a long cookie period, at least three months, can provide it. When a client still decides to buy a product, the percentage for it still goes to you.



Do not take the first seemingly profitable offer. First dial and explore enough options. At the same time, it is not necessary to stop at one program if three are perfect for you. You can participate in several affiliate programs. Perhaps they will harmoniously complement each other, or maybe only in practice, you will be able to figure out which one is right for you – it remains only to try.

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