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Cult-Owned FDA Proposes Annual ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed on Monday that the experimental COVID-19 mRNA vaccine be given annually similar to a flu shot.

This shift in government COVID policy signals that COVID is here to stay and people need to learn to live with it.

From The Wall Street Journal:

The proposals, outlined in materials the FDA released Monday, would mark the biggest changes to Covid-19 vaccinations since boosters rolled out and are a sign of the nation’s shift to a more endemic-like approach to the coronavirus.

Vaccine experts who advise the FDA are scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss the proposals. The advisers are scheduled to vote on whether to give the bivalent shot as the initial inoculation, as is already allowed in Europe.

If eventually adopted by the FDA, the changes would streamline a complicated regimen of initial vaccinations and subsequent boosters, which has different recommendations for different ages and different shots.

This also means that pharmaceutical companies stand to make a hefty profit if people are expected to purchase the injection on an annual basis.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in Sept 2021 predicted that COVID-19 vaccines would be needed annually for Pfizer to continue reaping massive profits people to stay healthy.

“The most likely scenario for me is that, because the virus is spread all over the world, that it will continue seeing new variants that are coming out,” Bourla said.

“Also we will have vaccines that they will last at least a year, and I think the most likely scenario is annual vaccination, but we don’t know really, we need to wait and see the data.”

Likewise, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel last year claimed that annual COVID-19 jabs would be similar to iPhone upgrades.

“Our first priority is to get an annual iPhone-like booster for all respiratory diseases,” Bancel saidin a speech to the Boston College Chief Executives Club.

“You’re going to get your [new] iPhone every year in September, and you’re going to get your ‘Moderna iPhone booster’ every year [as well]. We’re going to keep adding more and more ‘apps’ for viruses, and we’ll refresh all of those and update all of those every year.”

Unbelievably, the FDA said the annual COVID shots wouldn’t undergo clinical trials.

“The vaccines wouldn’t undergo rigorous clinical trials before being selected, just as influenza vaccines don’t. People could get the Covid-19 shots starting in September. If a new and very dangerous Covid-19 variant appeared, the FDA could still call for an emergency, one-off vaccine—outside the annual schedule—to meet the new threat, agency staff said. The elderly, immunocompromised and young children may still need two-dose boosters, the FDA staff said,” the WSJ reported.

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