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Klaus Schwab Declares He Will Run WEF into his 100s as Globalist Colleagues Demand Succession Plan

Arch-globalist Klaus Schwab has declared he will run the WEF well into his hundreds despite demands from his colleagues that he put in place a succession plan.

A mutiny attempt has reportedly engulfed this year’s World Economic Forum conference at Davos, Switzerland, with senior elites surrounding the organisation reportedly demanding that its leader, arch-globalist Klaus Schwab, put in place plans for his own replacement

However, Schwab appears to now be publicly fighting off attempts to have him removed, with the WEF leader publicly declaring that he will be running the organisation well into his 100s at one of the most notable addresses at the event this year.

The founder of the conference made the announcement while chairing a special address by Germany’s leftist Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who focused heavily on his country’s green agenda.

Telling the conference about how his successor will be lauding Germany’s green achievements when speaking to the conference in 2045, Schwab interjected that he looked forward to being the person that will host such a panel.

“I just want to say that I look forward to chair[ing] the session with your successor,” Schwab said.

This prompted laughter from Scholz, whom insisted that he was “sure” that the WEF leader would indeed be around to chair the discussion in twenty-two years.

With Schwab set to turn 85 years old this year, he would likely be 106 years old by the time such an address by a German chancellor in 2045 occurs, assuming the conference is held at around the same time that year.

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