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Saudi cardiologist calls for suspension of mRNA injections because of cardiac harm concerns

“I think [the mRNA vaccine] should be suspended until it is fully investigated,” Prof. Abdullah A. Alabdulgader said in a video message shared by Dr. Aseem Malhotra yesterday morning.

Dr. Abdulgader is a Professor of Congenital Cardiology/Electrophysiology and also General Directorate of Health and co-founder and General Director in Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, General Director of King Fahad Hospital, Saudi Arabia. He is a scientific board member and editorial board member of many international organizations and journals in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, China, India and other countries.


Despite of the unprecedented support that has been given to covid-19 messenger RNA vaccination, that is actually incomparable to any support given to any pharmaceutical agent in human history, we are still hearing sounds of wisdom coming from different parts of the planet – actually calling for, or questioning the scientific foundation and safety of the messenger RNA vaccination.

If we go back to April 1948 when the WHO has been established and review the main theme of the establishment of this international organisation, we can see clearly that the [psychological] well-being of the human species is the major priority and improving quality of life for a human being is actually a critical issue.

In spite of what we are hearing from the media but going to our scientific foundation and questioning the complications of the messenger RNA vaccination – I’m referring mainly to, as a cardiologist, to the cardiovascular complications, the juvenile myocarditis and pericarditis, and, what we think seriously, increased level of sudden cardiac death – I think anything related to the mRNA products should be reviewed critically.

And in a view of the cardiovascular complications of this type of vaccination, I think this type of vaccine should be suspended until it is fully investigated. Our global consciousness should rise up and wisdom again should prevail.

Watch Here: Saudi cardiologist calls for suspension of mRNA injections because of cardiac harm concerns

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