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Andrew Bridgen denies he is an anti-vaxxer but claims there’s ‘increasing evidence’ jabs have harmful side-effects

Andrew Bridgen has denied he is an anti-vaxxer despite continuing to allege a number of serious health risks associated with Covid-19 vaccines. The North West Leicestershire MP made the comments after a week of controversy surrounding his remarks where he compared the roll-out of jabs to that of the Holocaust.

Mr Bridgen, who now sits as an Independent MP, apologised for any offence caused, but said he will not back down in her pursuit of what he believes is “increasing evidence” of harmful side-effects caused by the jabs. That had led to accusations that the MP is anti-vax, but he has hit out at the claims.

He said: “I am not an anti vaxxer. I am double jabbed with Astra-Zeneca. I am concerned about vaccine harms and why we are continuing with these experimental treatments given the increasing evidence of the severe damage they are doing for little if any public benefit.”

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The MP’s remarks have led to continued condemnation from his now former Tory colleagues. However, others – including the former Conservative Party whip Adam Holloway – said the decision to suspend Mr Bridgen was a “frighteningly totalitarian, woke way of looking at the world”.

The divide continues online too, with many showing their support for the Leicestershire MP. One said: “I am 100 per cent behind you, well done for speaking up young man.”

A second said: “Thank you for speaking out and being courageous.”

he most high-profile backers include pop stars and prominent anti-vaxxers Right Said Fred. The duo, brothers Richard and Fred Fairbrass, said: “We spoke out in 2020. You’ll be surprised at the support you get once the hate subsides.”

Many others remain highly critical of Mr Bridgen though. One said: “If you were concerned, why wouldn’t you listen to the majority of experts who are all in agreement that vaccines aren’t harmful?”

A second said: “Don’t just pass on unreliable information as fact, as you have yet again. Do your job to a reasonable standard.”

“Why spread misinformation? All vaccines have risk associated with them as do all medicines,” added a third.

Read More: Andrew Bridgen denies he is an anti-vaxxer but claims there’s ‘increasing evidence’ jabs have harmful side-effects

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