Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 January 2023

The Gas Stove Scare Is A Fraud Created By Climate Change Authoritarians

In the past I have often tried to take a big picture approach to the issues facing the American public and how there is almost always a deeper connection between a variety of political and economic events. And, what has become increasingly clear to me is that in order to understand government actions and geopolitics, you must always ask yourself “Who benefits?”

The bottom line is this – at the heart of nearly every conflict and every crisis the same group of power mongers usually benefits, and they have taken a keen interest in the climate change narrative in particular. But like I said, this is the big picture. Right now I’d like to take a look at a relatively small issue and how the little dominoes lead up to a bigger con game and a bigger disaster. Let’s talk about gas stoves…

Frankly, I don’t care about what my stove uses to cook with as long as it works. That said, around 38% of US households use natural gas for cooking and heating. That’s a significant percentage of people who rely on gas based energy for their daily needs. Here’s the problem, though – natural gas is not politically correct these days. Nearly all carbon-emitting energy sources have been marked by climate activists and Western governments as a threat that needs to be erased between 2030 to 2050. Globalist institutions and climate change grifters have put natural gas on the naughty list, but there are a couple of realities that must be addressed. First, as noted, a vast portion of the Western world, including the US and Europe, rely on natural gas for numerous energy applications. Ban natural gas and civilization faces an immediate plunge in economic activity, as well as much higher prices on all remaining energy sources due to increasing demand. There is NO green energy solution that can fill the same role as gas.

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