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Here’s how the UK Government is Killing the Elderly

Mainstream media journalists frequently report that state pensioners in the UK receive £9,627.89 a year – or £185.15 a week.

This is, as you might expect, not exactly true.

Pensioners only receive this amount if they reached State pension age on or after 6th April 2016 and have paid at least 30 years’ National Insurance contributions.

Anyone who reached the state pension age before that date, and who was, if male born before 6th April 1951 or, if female, born before 6th April 1953, will receive a state pension of £141.85 a week or £7,376.20 a year. They too must have paid at least 30 year’s National insurance contributions.

That’s a massive difference.

So, why do those who are older (and therefore probably in greater need) receive notably less pension income than pensioners who are younger?

I can only think of one possible explanation: because it is bloody impossible to pay for accommodation, food and heating fuel with an income of £7,376.20 a year.

I should know. That’s my state pension.

The UK Government is deliberately discriminating against older pensioners – even though they have paid the same amount in National Insurance contributions. The Government presumably hopes most of them will freeze or starve to death.

You didn’t know that, did you?

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