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Global Warming Trend Slumps After Pausing for 20 of the Last 24 Years

Twenty years of pausing global temperatures since 1998 are casting increasing doubt on the suggestion that human-produced carbon dioxide is causing a climate emergency and leading to runaway heating. Such doubt, of course, kicks away any justification for installing a Net Zero regime that is set to cause massive societal and economic dislocation. Needless to say, these concerns are nowhere to be seen in the end of year reporting of temperature trends that highlight increasingly improbable rises partly based on non-climate corruptions such as from nearby airport runways. All of this cherry-picking is taken from surface datasets that have removed a 1998-2012 standstill using retrospective upward adjustments.

In a recently published paper, Nicola Scafetta, a climate research scientist at the University of Naples, noted that the Met Office HadCRUT global dataset recorded warming of 0.03°C per decade during the hiatus years of 2000-2014. As Daily Sceptic has reported, there have been two retrospective adjustments of HadCRUT since then. In 2013, Scafetta noted that HadCRUT version 4 increased the warming to 0.08°C per decade. HadCRUT5 further adjusted the 2000-14 figure to supply warming of 0.14°C per decade, using, notes the science blog No Tricks Zone (NTZ), “the computer model-infilling method”.

Within the last decade, continues NTZ, the 2000-14 temperature trend has been changed from a pause to strong warming. “After all, when the data don’t fit the narrative, it is time to change the data,” concludes NTZ. All global surface datasets use similar measurements, and all have made recent upward adjustments to their global heating calculations.

Needless to say, the BBC led from the front in the battle to weaponise the 2022 results from the surface databases. It reported the view of scientists from the EU weather service Copernicus that last year, “saw a pattern of global warming that has become the new normal”. Global temperatures were said to be approximately 0.3°C higher last year than the 1991-2020 reference period. According to Samantha Burgess, a Copernicus deputy director, the global temperature will rise another 0.4°C within the decade under a “simple linear extrapolation”.

Of course it depends what temperature database you are extrapolating from. So far as the surface measurements are concerned, Scafetta is unimpressed. In general, the surface temperature records, and the homogenisation algorithms used to adjust them, present several problems that may have exaggerated the warming. In his considered view, the integrity of the records and, therefore, the ability to correctly determine the global warming trends over the last 120 years, “should be questioned”.

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