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The Great Reset: The 52 Heads of State and Hundreds of Government Officials collaborating with the WEF at Davos 2023

This year’s World Economic Forum’s (“WEF”) annual meeting at Davos is being held from 10 to 16 January.  As the Globalists meet, organisers have confirmed the WEF will host 52 heads of state and government and nearly 600 CEOs. 

Additionally, nearly 300 government ministers are expected to take part.  As well as the heads of state, these government ministers also need to be sacked, stripped of their titles and replaced with people who will serve their country’s citizens. 

Citizens who pay their salaries and elect them – assuming a free, fair, transparent and democratic voting system is in use – to govern the country’s affairs on voters’ behalf.

Attached at the end of this article is a list of the heads of state and government officials who are misusing and abusing their government positions to collaborate with WEF to further Globalists’ business and other interests.  All of them should be relieved of their duties pending an investigation.

WEF is a dangerous force in global politics. WEF is an outfit that proposes to coordinate the reorganisation of 8 billion souls, 195 countries, international relations, social policy writ-large, and a $104 trillion global economy. They are delusional and megalomaniacal.

As noted by The Spectator, [1] WEF’s Chairman Klaus Schwab’s core commitment is to political and economic arrangements which, he calls stakeholder capitalism but, used to be known as corporatism. The language of corporatism, like that of Schwab’s WEF, may be one of coordinated consultation, but the agenda is one of control. WEF has decided that the time has come to rearrange the world from the top down and remake the planet in a corporatist image.

Corporatism – including its Schwabian expression – isn’t big on freedom. It’s all about forming and then maintaining a consensus on economic and social policies. For this reason, corporatism doesn’t cope well with dissent. Indeed, it discourages any questioning of the consensus, whether the issue is tax-rates or climate change. For what matters is the harmonisation of views, no matter how absurd the idea and or how high the cost in liberty. Not only does this generate groupthink. It encourages the marginalisation of those who dispute the consensus. Another problem is the collusion and cronyism fostered by corporatism.

Corporatist-style stakeholder capitalism is decidedly ambivalent about democracy. There’s not much room for contributions from the wider populace to the decision-making process in Schwab’s stakeholder capitalist model, let alone popular assent to decisions taken. Indeed, the model reflects a positive distrust of bottom-up initiatives because these are harder to control and less likely to buy into the established consensus.

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