Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 January 2023

The Green Energy Fraud

Many people now buy what they believe is ‘green energy’. They claim the electricity they use has all been created with the aid of windmills and solar panels. Sadly, this is an utter nonsense, and the smug individuals who claim that their laptops and television sets and tumble driers and heating systems are all run with the aid of electricity obtained from renewable sources are deluded.

All the electricity in the UK comes from the National Grid which obtains most of its electricity from fossil fuels. A very small part of it comes from solar panels and wind farms but most electricity comes from burning coal, diesel, gas and wood.

(It is widely believed in the West that coal is yesterday’s fuel. This is a colossal myth. In South Africa, coal still provides 85% of the country’s electricity and China has recently been building coal fired electricity generating plants as though there were a competition to see which country could burn more coal which, for all I know, there may well be. And, of course, the UK Government recently approved a new coal mine.)

And here’s the clever bit: governments everywhere have decided that gas and wood should be redefined as renewable or ‘green’ sources of energy.

The real irony is that most of the electricity obtained from so-called renewable energy sources comes from burning wood pellets. And the wood pellets come from trees in America. The trees have to be chopped down and turned into wood pellets. The wood pellets then have to be loaded onto diesel powered lorries and taken to a port where they were loaded onto a diesel powered ship and carried across the Atlantic. The whole process uses up far more energy than is produced and is incredibly wasteful. But politicians, journalists and those responsible for selling the wood pellets have succeeded in convincing a very gullible public that this is a `green’ source of energy since trees can, in theory at least, be considered ‘renewable’.

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