Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 12 January 2023

Media, ‘Disinformation Experts’ Caught Spreading Lie to Ban Magazine in New Zealand

No sooner did the new year ring in, did the corporate state’s cancel culture machine kick into high gear, finding a fresh new target.

Not satisfied with regulating speech on the web, the establishment in New Zealand has set its sights on canceling print publications as well, this time for the alleged crime of spreading ‘dangerous conspiracies.’ The gears of censorship have a problem though. As tired epithets like ‘conspiracy’ continue to lose their potency, the cancelation machine is now having to resort to openly lying about content they seek to ban.

In their bid to protect the public from “harmful” speech, leading the charge was mainstream media outlet, who dutifully alerted the public on January 3rd that they might be exposed to some dangerous text found in the periodical section of one of the country’s leading retail chains.

In his article,”Whitcoulls stocks magazine peddling mosque terror attack conspiracy,” senior reporter, Geraden Cann, explained how during a routine counter-disinformation reconnaissance mission to a local newsagent, either himself or a colleague (it’s not clear which), spied the offending publication: the latest issue of New Dawn Magazine, now targeted for removal from the store’s shelves.

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