Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 January 2023

Thor the walrus is not an indication that walruses are in danger due to ‘climate change’ – the lies just keep on coming

BBC lied.  Times told another story, the one climate alarmists don’t want to be told.  The London School of Economics and Politics smeared the Times’ author.  So, Polar Bear Science stepped in to provide the science.  This is the story of climate change and walruses, sparked by a wandering walrus named Thor who, oblivious to it all, had a wonderful visit to the UK.

Last month, the BBC reported that a World Wide Fund for Nature (“WWF”) “expert” said a walrus found resting on a beach on the south coast of England was an “extremely rare” sight for the UK.

Although Rod Downie, WWF’s chief polar adviser, said it would be “difficult” to attribute any pattern to long-term climate change, he added:

“The Arctic is witnessing the effects of climate change more rapidly that anywhere … Walruses are living on the front line of climate change and face massive threats as sea ice diminishes …  Walruses like colder waters, so it would be counter-intuitive to see more of them here – as Arctic waters warm, they would instinctively go further north to colder waters.”

He said he hoped the interest in the Arctic visitor would encourage more people to take part in the WWF’s Walrus from Space citizen science project to count walruses from satellite images, to monitor the impact of climate change on their population numbers.

Thor: Walrus sighting at Calshot beach extremely rare, expert says, BBC, 13 December 2022

In early January 2023, Matt Ridley wrote about a “walrus comeback” in an article in the Times which opposed the climate alarmists’ narrative of walruses being under threat.  The Grantham Institute of The London School of Economics and Political Science published an article by their Policy and Communications Director Bob Ward attempting to defend the climate alarmists’ narrative and debunk Ridley’s article.  It is worth noting that Ward, the Communications Director, has a background in media relations, journalism and freelance writing.

Ward titled his piece ‘Climate change deniers continue smear campaign against Sir David Attenborough.’  And as if proving that a lie is difficult to defend, most of his article was a smear campaign against Ridley and “climate change deniers” in general.  In fact, the entire article was accusing “climate change deniers” of doing exactly what climate alarmists and their propaganda machine do.

The icing on the cake was Ward’s final sentence. “It is clear that Viscount Ridley and other climate change deniers are still prepared to resort to extreme and desperate misinformation tactics in order to promote their political agenda,” Ward, a Policy and Communications Director from The London School of Economics and Political Science, wrote.  You couldn’t make it up!

In a recent article, see below, Polar Bear Science corrected Ward, using science and facts.  In case you’re wondering, Thor has returned to the sea to continue with his journey north.

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